New training: Can child cares require employees to vaccinate?

New training: Can child cares require employees to vaccinate?

We're announcing a new training all about if you can require your employees to vaccinate, and other topics around the legality of the vaccine for employers.

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About the training

This 30 minute training will be put on by CQEL and Hirschfeld Kraemer, a highly respected law firm specializing exclusively in employment law.

We'll cover these questions and will reserve time for questions:

-Are child care employers able to require the vaccine?

-What about disabilities and religious objections?

-What are reasonable accommodations?

-What can and can’t employers do to help get their employees to vaccinate?

-Can employers ask for proof of vaccination?

-What can programs tell their families about the vaccination status of their staff?

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COVID-19 Vaccines: Can Child Care Employers Require Them?
Learn if you can require employee vaccination and all the details from an expert employment attorney team at Hirschfeld Kraemer.

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